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Enrich your life

The new H-1

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New experience, new opportunities

The 12/9-seater H-1 opens up a new world for you to experience. Projection headlamps deliver a sleek, purposeful impression, while a stylish radiator grille enchances the overall presence. Newly-designed wheels and side garnish complete the moderate, progessive style.    

Whoever you are, wherever you go 

The H-1 offers numerous advantages as an 12/9 seat passenger wagon. Suiting a wide range of applications, from business to leisure, many seat variations are available. Passenger comfort is assured by a range of convenience functions and devices.

Airbag systems

The driver and front seat passenger in the H-1 can be reassured by added side airbags, which offers additional protection against side impacts. In a serious accident, the safety devices instantly inflate to help protect the seat occupants from injury.


Change your worldview 

The H-1 interior, with a horizontal layout providing a wide, open feel, achieves the highest levels of design. In addition to the audio system, a stylish, sporty steering wheel also enhances the drive.

Looking good, living even better

H-1 vans offer both style and huge versatility. A 5-seater window van provides plenty of space for luggage, while a 3-seater panel van allows room for up to 800kg of cargo. 

Move it your way

Anything is possible with H-1 van. Whether it's carrying lots of cargo or lots of passengers, or a combination of both, the vehicle is equipped to handle every trip.   

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