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Exceptional 5.7l / 100km gas mileage

The Accent runs 100km with only 5.7l of gas, offering exceptional gas mileage and high economic values. In case of 1.4 Manual T/M.

Powerful Performance

Small in size, big in performance. That's what you get with the Accent and its Kappa and Gamma gasoline engines plus U-ll diesel engine, which feature high horsepower and torque. It's a new experience in driving.

Outstanding safety system

The Accent features an ABS system and six airbags, including dual front airbags, curtain airbags and side airbags, for better safety.


In the language "fluidic sculpture" (fluidic sculpture), the Accent converge grace and confidence.


The interior will talk about, with a natural elegance, sinuous lines and contrasts full of charm.


With a great fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, you will enjoy the luxury. Accent is a masterpiece of engineering that anyone can enjoy.


A solid body, multiple airbags and anti-shock innovations to safeguard. Finally a vehicle that goes a step ahead.


Accent model holds everything a client, luxury automobile lover, can wait, though, decided to add some unexpected delight for details.

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Head lamps with LED positioning lamps

Providing optimum brightness at night, a two-piece black bezel design adds a touch of luxury during the daytime, especially with the newly added LED positioning lamps.

Rear combination lamps that leave a light trail

Forming a harmonious part of the rear and sides, wraparound rear lamps deliver highly visible illumination.

Always ready, ever sporty
The Accent gives off a casual coupe vibe with a sweeping roof, cab-forward design and low lines on the body.

Fog lamps

As well as giving you extra visibility in foggy weather, the fog lamps are all part of the stylish, continuously-designed body shell.

Side repeater mirrors

Stylish, modern touch, lamps in the side mirrors provide extra visibility and safety when turning.

Outside door handle

The outside door handles are colour-co-ordinated with the body work for a refined, uninterrupted look.


The Accent comes with 14" (alloy and steel) and 16" (8 spokes and 10 spokes) wheels with attractive spoke patterns for an up-to-the-minute appearance.

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The sunvisor has been redesigned using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel, and incorporates a pocket-type ticket holder for convenience.

Luggage space

Luggage-carrying capacity is an impressive 389 l

Sliding armrest

The centre console armrest cover moves about 60mm forward to enhance your comfort.

Power window controls

Ergonomically positioned, the power window control switches are metal coated for a better grip.

Up and down headrests

The headrests of the Accent are adjustable - up and down - raising to suit you in comfort and safety.The feature adjusts the driver seat for customised driving position.

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Kappa 1.4 D-CVVT

Lightweight to enhance fuel economy, a Gamma 1.4 CVVT engine produces a maximum 108ps/6,300rpm(107ps/6,300rpm in Middle East Region), while a Gamma 1.6 CVVT engine produces a maximum 124ps/6,300rpm. The diesel alternative, a 1.6 VGT unit, produces a maximum 128ps/4,000rpm.

Blue-the colour of driving

The new Accent is as appealing under the bonnet as it is above. Chief among the attractions is Blue Pack, a fuel efficiency package, which delivers more eco-efficient driving. An alternator management system controls the power supply to the battery, putting less strain on the engine. Maximising energy regeneration when decelerating and idling, the benefits come to the fore in start/stop urban traffic, since both fuel consumption and emissions are minimised. Not only that, but acceleration performance is also enhanced, through reduced power delivery to the alternator when picking up speed.

Engine performance might differ by region
Responsive automatic transmission

With the oil pressure varying for smoother shifting, the 4- speed automatic transmission offers highly responsive, sporty acceleration.

Manual transmission that purrs

6 speed manual gearbox provides smooth, noiseless gearshifts thanks to a key and ball-type synchromesh, optimised gear tooth shape and precision machining.

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Anti-lock Brake System(ABS)

When braking on wet and slippery roads, any deviation in direction is detected by the ABS sensors. The individual anti-lock brake system then activates to keep your wheels from locking up, prevent skidding and maintain directional control.

Seatbelt pretensioners

In a collision a sensor detects the impact and automatically tensions the seatbelts around the pelvis, for additional protection.

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Computer trip system
The audio system, with radio, CD, MP3, USB and AUX, features 4 speakers and 2 tweeters, for high quality sound reproduction on the move.
Steering wheel remote control
From the driver seat of the Accent you can operate a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone without having to take your hands off from the steering wheel. You can also control the stereo system and adjust the volume of phone calls with the remote control on the steering wheel.
Audio controls switch
The driver can control the audio system from a switch on the left-hand spoke.
Bluetooth hands-free
hands-free phone calls stream music wirelessly.

Audio system

The audio system, with radio, CD, MP3, USB and AUX, features 4 speakers for high quality sound reproduction on the move.