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Times change, and what looks good does, too. The new Tucson boasts a more innovative and distinct design that's sculpted and stable, and with a European flair.


Whether you're a driver or a passenger, you'll feel right at home in the Tucson. Everything from the adjustable headrest to the heated seats and spirit-boosting sunroof will make sure of it.


Finally, a gasoline engine and diesel engine that allows for high performance and high efficiency. It's die-cast in aluminum and features variable valve timing and a variable induction system. The result is a quiet sort of power.

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Sculpted good looks make for art in motion

Organic sweeping lines fuse with Hyundai's futuristic design approach to create a sculpture on wheels.

Projection headlamps with LED positioning lamps

See clearly what's before you with high-performance bi-function headlamps containing high and low beams. They give the car a fresh design boost, as do the LED-type positioning lamps.

A refined profile that assures simplicity and power

The idea behind the Tucson's design is flowingwater in three dimensions plus a fast coupe style. Flowy and fast make for a sophisticated silhouette.

Electric folding outside mirrors with side repeater lamps

These mirrors do more than reflect. They've got heaters to give you better visibility in rain and snow. They fold with a press of a button. Side repeater lamps in the mirror covers also help other vehicles know which way you're headed.

Newly 17" alloy wheels

17" wheels boast a new design and tires made with high-performing silica. The result is better grip on the road, fuel economy and a serious style boost.

The aggressive sports utility vehicle you've always wanted

The idea behind the Tucson's design is flowingwater in three dimensions plus a fast coupe style. Flowy and fast make for a sophisticated silhouette.

Rear spoiler with High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL)

The rear spoiler with a High-mounted stop lamp adds an aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing element to the body. It also ensures that other vehicles will recognize when you stop.

LED rear combination lamps

Highly efficient and futuristically designed LED bulbs in the rear combination lamps get you noticed when you start and stop.

Rear spoiler with eye-level brake light

Improves aerodynamics and safety, enhances visibility, and adds a touch of character.

Fog lamps

Incorporated into the bumper, where their aggressive detailing and design enhance the purposeful, bold frontal view.


In 5mm thick glass, at high speed its aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise, while a pin prevents the wiper from lifting.

Roof racks

Nothing says sporty and casual like a roof rack. It can carry extra luggage while adding charm to the roofline.

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Interior decor with flair reflects your youthful style

A safe and cozy space for those you care about the most. And knowing your passengers are comfortable will help you take better control of the wheel.

A space that feels distinctly you

Style that mirrors your style. Adjustments to match your preferences. Delightful touches - heated seats, a sunroof - to keep you snug and smiling. Open the door and come on in.

Seating flexibility for maximum comfort

Upright, front seats semi-flat, second row seats split folding and full folding. The choice of seat positions offers exceptional flexibility

Rear air ventilation

The rear air ventilation dramatically improves heating and cooling efficiency, making the air back there and the air in front equally comfortable.

Storage system (floor console)

A 6.2â„“ center console with a tray lets you take along the knick knacks you need in your everyday life and find them in a second.

Storage system (cup holder)

Cup holders are illuminated blue to help you find not only your drinks, but whatever else you may have put in there.

Storage system (overhead console)

The lights you need to read a map, the space for your sunglasses, the sunroof switch - it's all right there in the conveniently structured overhead console.

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 1.6 CRDi diesel engine with VGT

Available powertrain is 4WD with 6-speed automatic transmission. The 2.0 CRDi diesel engine produces 177 ps at 4,000 rpm and 40 kg·m of torque at 1,800-2,500 rpm.

Nu 2.0 MPi gasoline engine

You can choose from available powertrain options: 2WD with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The 2.0 MPi gasoline engine produces 158 ps at 6,200 rpm and 19.6 kg·m of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Auto transmission that looks & feels good

Dynamic driving is possible in manual mode with the 6 speed automatic transmission. Miss shifting is reduced with the step gate shift pattern. Small leather shift knob improves outside look and feel.

Electric 4-wheel drive mechanism that knows the roads

Detecting road surface conditions and factors such as wheel speed and acceleration, the 4WD ECU distributes optimum driving force between the front and rear wheels. With MDPS, you also get sharp responses, accurate handling and fuel efficiency.

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Anti-lock Brake System(ABS)
Braking hard while steering. We've had these urban driving moments. The Tucson/ix35's reliable Anti-lock brake system (ABS) continuously holds and loosens brake pads to ensure that the brakes don't lock, meaning you can steer the Tucson/ix35 out of obstacles in time.
Active headrests protect the head & neck
Move up and forward during a rear-end collision, using the weight of the back rest and the person's upper body, to minimize head and neck injuries.
Rear parking assist system (RPAS)
When it comes to backing up, the more eyes, the better. The four sensitive sensors in the Rear parking assist system (RPAS) let you see what you can't.

Foot parking brake

Foot parking brake is applied in auto transmission cars since it's more convenient and saves space compared to the hand brake.

Safety power window controls

Conveniently located to put control at your fingertips, the windows automatically stop if they sense an obstacle when closing, for added safety.

Seat belt pre-tensioners

Upon sensing impact, the seat belt pre-tensioner rolls back the belt to create maximum contact between you and the seat to prevent neck and back injuries.

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The sporting influence is clear in the cylinder-type dials, highlighted by blue lights that give a high-tech look. Between them, a trip computer displaying information in text or icons, complete with sounds.
Manual air conditioning
Adjusts to maintain the set temperature. Also allows separate temperature levels for driver and passenger.

AUX, iPod and USB connection

Lets you enjoy your favorite tunes by playing music files from mobile storage devices.

One touch triple turn signal

When changing lanes, touch the turning signal slightly and return it back to neutral within 0.5 seconds then turning signal lamp is lit three times. It's convenient and improves safety.

Power window controls

Pockets behind the driver and passenger side seats make for nifty spaces to tuck in things that could otherwise go rolling around.